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Friday Health Blog

Posted on December 22, 2017 at 4:23 PM
This is #2 in my series of Blogs on #Alzheimer'sDisease (AD). This has been a medical interest of mine since 1990.
This article, written by Megan Brooks, appeared recently in Medscape - Dec 19, 2017: No Magic Bullet to Prevent Late-Life Dementia.
Some points of note from my perspective:
  • "We looked at drugs...over-the-counter vitamins, supplements...exercise..cognitive training. And overall, the results didn't show much benefit,"
  • "But those areas that we did find potentially, some positive findings, they are very consistent with public health types of messages that we hear all the time. Live a healthy life, eat a good diet, stay cognitively active and engaged socially."
  • " looked at 38 trials with low to medium risk of bias that compared over-the-counter (OTC) supplements, ....placebo or other OTC interventions for preventing or delaying cognitive decline, MCI, or clinical Alzheimer-type dementia. This review showed "insufficient" evidence to recommend any OTC supplement for cognitive protection in adults with normal cognition or MCI."
  • "Other studies have found some evidence that following a healthy lifestyle earlier in life may help protect against dementia.... The evidence has started to mount that lifestyles can change your risk for cognitive decline and various dementias,.."
Take aways:
  1. Living a healthy lifestyle from an early age is the only currently shown cause & effect relationship
  2. We must hold out hope for newer investigational compounds to show a positive effect
  3. It is important for governments & Funding bodies to support spending on AD research
  4. Give to support Alzheimer's Research
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